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10 Facts You Always Wanted To Know About "Legends Of The Hidden Temple"

Wonder no more! We're here to give you the inside scoop. Want more Legends of the Hidden Temple? Catch the all-new TV movie November 26 on Nickelodeon!

1. Fact: The first episode took almost a full day to shoot.

2. Fact: All of the original team animals appear in the new movie.

3. Fact: Kirk still has his denim shirt from the original show.

4. Fact: Kirk tested out the Temple Run every season, and it was real hard.

5. Fact: The movie puts a new spin on many of the rooms and challenges from the original show.

6. Fact: The Temple Guards from the original show were actually crew members.

7. Fact: Temple Guards are back and are as scary as ever in the new movie.

8. Fact: The actor who voiced Olmec in the show reprises his role as the voice of Olmec in the movie.

9. Fact: The infamous Shrine of the Silver Monkey will obviously show up in the movie.

10. Fact: The movie finally reveals the Legend of the Hidden Temple.

See how many original show references you can catch in the Legends of the Hidden Temple movie event, November 26 on Nickelodeon!

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Facts from Nickelodeon.