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10 Facts You Always Wanted To Know About "Legends Of The Hidden Temple"

Wonder no more! We're here to give you the inside scoop. Want more Legends of the Hidden Temple? Catch the all-new TV movie November 26 on Nickelodeon!

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1. Fact: The first episode took almost a full day to shoot.

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According to a very tired Kirk Fogg, the host of the original show, "the very first day we shot, we shot ONE SHOW and it took us 18 hours. To get one show in! 18 hours!"

3. Fact: Kirk still has his denim shirt from the original show.


He’s kept it in his closet all these years! You can catch Kirk rockin’ a new denim shirt and his signature khaki shorts in the movie.

4. Fact: Kirk tested out the Temple Run every season, and it was real hard.

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According to Kirk, it’s like "running a mile in three minutes” — plus Temple Guards, a ball pit, a couple of rope swings, and a live studio audience.

7. Fact: Temple Guards are back and are as scary as ever in the new movie.


Per Kirk, a Temple Guard once scared someone so badly that he jumped out of the Temple Run. The poor kid was so scared in the Tree Room that they had to yell "CUT!" Everyone is very thankful the event didn't take place on the second floor.

8. Fact: The actor who voiced Olmec in the show reprises his role as the voice of Olmec in the movie.

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Olmec’s rubber mouth was maneuvered by Dee Bradley Baker on the game show. "Sometimes late in the season you would notice there’s a slight cracking in his mouth. He pulled too hard and it was starting to tear. They had to fix him up." Since it's 2016, Olmec is now CGI and we don't have to worry about him breaking...but that voice is still familiar!

10. Fact: The movie finally reveals the Legend of the Hidden Temple.

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The movie will finally tell us what the Legend of the Hidden Temple actually is and how Olmec became a big stone head.

See how many original show references you can catch in the Legends of the Hidden Temple movie event, November 26 on Nickelodeon!

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