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    • nickb17

      Thanks for asking! Before I can answer that, let’s just make sure we are on the same page about the word’s we’re using. Racial prejudice is a preconception based upon race. Anyone can be racially prejudicial, toward people of their own race, different races and even themselves. This can be manifested as an action or just held as an opinion. Racism on the other hand is always an action and one that propagates the standing structure of societal racial preference. Racism can only be undertaken by a member of the racial majority. In the original video, Ms. Brown was just talking as she usually does, you’re right—nothing racist there. But what she says in the video happens to conform to a stereotype about how black people talk—namely without correct grammar about simplistic things. By bringing her onto the show and treating her like that stereotype, he is necessarily propagating it to his viewership. He’s not concerned with what she thinks about anything or what she’s been doing since the video. Instead he calls on her to perform herself and doesn’t bother engaging her beyond the stereotypical veneer. Even going so far as to interview her would have diffused the racism of the situation but instead she’s only allowed to be her black slang for our amusement and nothing more—not a woman and not person.

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