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11 Places Every Brit Can Drink Tea Along The Great Ocean Road

Because we all know it would be sacrilege to start the day without tea.

If there's one thing we Brits love, it's tea. We'll take it as it comes, with a splash of milk, or even with lemon... we're not fussy, as long as there's tea. These places along the Great Ocean Road will make sure you don't go without.

1. McGain's, Anglesea

2. Uncle Jack's, Ocean Grove


So if you want to get technical, Ocean Grove isn't actually along the Great Ocean Road. But wait! If you're hitting the road in Melbourne and driving from east to west, then it's on the way and well worth a stop.

3. Swing Bridge Cafe And Boathouse, Lorne


Not only does the colourful crockery match the cutely coloured tables and chairs here, but you can also gaze out at the sea before taking a stroll over the bridge. If you're looking for Insta value AND good tea, this is your place!

4. Apollo Bay Bakery, Apollo Bay


Ok, so people tend to flock to the Apollo Bay Bakery for its famous scallop pie. That's right, scallops. In. A. Pie! But they also serve a selection of teas and, being a bakery, have a huge range of amazing pastries to choose from. #whatdiet?

5. Cape Otway Lightstation, Cape Otway


If you like your tea with a splash of history (is there any better way to start a morning?) then make sure you stop in to Cape Otway's Lightstation. It is the oldest surviving lighthouse on mainland Australia, and the on-site cafe does a pretty good cuppa.

6. Forage On The Foreshore, Port Campbell


If you like your morning brew with an ocean view, then these guys have got you covered. Their tea menu is more extensive than other places, branching out from your classic English Breakfasts and Earl Greys. Plus, the little veranda out the front is perfect for sipping on your tea and watching the morning waves.

7. Port Campbell Hostel, Port Campbell


I know what you're thinking. A hostel? For tea? Have you lost your mind?! I assure you, I haven't. Sometimes all you need on a hot day is a refreshing ice tea. Well, this hostel has an in-house brewery, and while it mostly brews beers, it also serves this gem... an alcoholic ice tea. That's right, tea AND booze!

8. Bohemia Cafe, Warrnambool


If you're more boho-chic than high-tea bourjois, make sure you pop into this artist's dream. Bohemia Cafe is a rustic abode with plenty to look at on its walls. Who knows, perhaps your creativity might be sparked while you sip on your camomile.

9. Fishtales Cafe, Warrnambool


Remember, it's not about the mug. It's about what's IN the mug... and every Brit knows you can never go wrong with a Twinings. On top of that, Fishtales has an extensive food menu (seriously, you could easily browse it for a good half-hour) and a cute area out the back that's perfect for whiling away a sunny afternoon.

10. Bank St + Co, Port Fairy


If you're looking for a top notch brew with a top notch brekky, Bank St + Co is your place. After driving the whole Great Ocean Road, you deserve that! Don't be put off by the "coffee" in their sign. Just remember, as the famous 19th Century essayist, Thomas De Quincey, once said: "Tea... will always be the favorite beverage of the intellectual." SNAP.

11. Rebecca's Cafe, Port Fairy


Ok, busted again! Technically the Great Ocean Road finishes back in Warrnambool. But if you've driven all that way, you may as well drive the extra 25 minutes to Port Fairy. It's FULL of cafes to choose from, like Rebecca's, which even sells its own brand of mini yo-yos. The perfect accompaniment to your cuppa!

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