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21 Things Every Brit Will Hear When You Come To Australia

"What happened with Brexit then?"

1. So you're a pom, eh?

2. What happened with Brexit then?

3. Have you tried a Tim Tam yet?

4. Have you had a Tim Tam slam yet?

5. Have you had a Golden Gaytime yet?

6. I went to *insert obscure English town here* once.

7. I love the Queen!

8. You guys love warm beer!

9. What's a chav?

10. You sent us convicts over here!

11. Have you ever seen Little Britain?

12. You drink tea... right?

13. That's where they film Home and Away.

14. I have family in Leicester.

15. How do you guys deal with the rain?

16. Did you know Sia's Australian?

17. Did you know the Hemsworth brothers are Australian?

18. Did you know Cate Blanchett is Australian?

19. Have you seen a huntsman spider yet?

20. You lot love a queue.

21. I can do a British accent, listen!