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17 Reasons Why Your Flatmates Make The Best Road Trip Buddies

Hear me out on this one.

So your flatmate wants to go on a road trip with you and you're not sure how you feel about it. You're convinced spending weeks on end on the road together might just push you to your limits.

Spare me two minutes to try and twist your arm otherwise, because road tripping with your flatmates really is the best!

1. You know you're going to have fun because you always make each other laugh.

2. And if there are any low moments, you know you can count on each other to be there.

3. Personal space isn't an issue because you've already seen each other naked hundreds of times.

4. But they totally get it when you say you need a bit of alone time.

5. You already know what pisses each other off.

6. And it's not awkward to call each other out for being annoying AF.

7. Plus you've got that relationship where you can just speak honestly, and no shits are given.

8. You've always got things to talk about.

9. But you feel comfortable enough with each other to sometimes just listen to music, too.

10. On that note, you can call them out when their music choice is crap.

11. And instead have an epic Disney sing-along sesh, which you're obvs both totally up for!

12. Dinner is never a problem, because you know each other's eating habits.

13. And they appreciate how important sleep is to you.

14. There's always someone there to take a photo of you.

15. And they already know what angles work for you.

16. Paying for fuel doesn't get complicated, because one of you probably already owes the other money.

17. And finally, you won't get homesick because you remind each other of home.