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19 Brunch Spots In Melbourne That Are Better Than Anywhere In London

You'll actually want to eat it all.

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"Let's do brunch sometime," is literally one of the most over-used phrases of any Londoner. And boy, do we do we love a good brunch! Then, one day, you find yourself in Melbourne, Australia, and your world literally changes.

There us Londoners were, thinking we were the pioneers of brunch, the culinary kings and queens of the mid-morning feast. WRONG! These places prove that Melbourne really does deserve its reputation as the cultural capital of Australia, at least when it comes to the Londoner's favourite pastime... brunch!

1. Legacy Camberwell, Camberwell

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This place not only serves specialty coffee, but also "health-conscious" food. From the classic smashed avocado to fruity acai bowls, it's the perfect place for when you do decide to FINALLY get on that health kick.

2. Aoki Japanese Kitchen, Glen Waverley

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It might be located a little further out from central Melbourne itself, but trust us, it's worth the trip. Aoki Japanese Kitchen have a penchant for traditional Japanese dishes, but with a little Italian or French influence thrown into the mix. It's quirky and it's pretty reasonably priced too. Winning.

3. Archies All Day, Fitzroy

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If you're a bit of a style-chaser then Archies All Day is right up your street. Based in the trendy Fitzroy area, their breakfast menu is served 'til 3pm. Oh, and they also do cocktails so you might just find that you never want to leave!

4. Hash Specialty Coffee, CBD

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Hash Specialty Coffee made waves on Instagram with their famous candy floss hot chocolate, which is literally amazing! But if you're feeling peckish, they also offer a range of brunch favourites including french toast and bacon croissants. Yum!

5. Phat Milk, Travancore

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If Middle-Eastern delights get you going, then you need to head down to Phat Milk pronto. Their menu might not be extensive but it's utter perfection, serving delights such as Turkish waffles and hummus with eggs.

6. Higher Ground, CBD

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If you like your brunch with a side of breathtaking architecture, then Higher Ground is your spot. It resembles some of London's more popular joints that have popped up around Granary Square, and the food is mouth-wateringly good!

7. Hobba, Prahran

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What better place is there to grab a bite after browsing the Prahran Markets than Hobba? It might be tricky because there's a lot of food to choose from, but make sure you save room for one of their smoothies. Cucumber, apple, beetroot, carrot, and ginger. Yes please.

8. The Hidden Horse Cafe, Richmond

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If you've got a couple of extra guests at the brunch table in the shape of your kids, then The Hidden Horse Cafe is where you need to get to. It has its own play area, so you can sit back and sip on your latte while they wear themselves out ready for nap time. Perfect!

9. Street Talk Espresso, Armadale

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Located in Melbourne's inner suburb of Armadale, Street Talk Espresso describes itself as "a popular place for locals to meet and relax with good food and coffee". Don't let the locals have all the fun, get down there yourself to see what all the fuss is about!

10. Friends Of Mine, Richmond

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This charming abode is one place that won't let you down. It's open seven days a week and can cater to your every need, be it your best friend's engagement party or somewhere for the hangover brunch the next day! They literally believe that "brunch is the most important meal of the day". SAME.

11. Handsome Her, Brunswick

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This is the activist cafe you might not have heard of. Firstly, all their food is entirely vegan, which we know you all love these days. But secondly, Handsome Her are a community-based cafe with a strong focus on female empowerment and social justice. Sounds right up our street!

12. St Rose, Essendon

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The St Rose Cafe has been nailing brunch pretty much since it opened its doors four years ago. From their nutberry smoothies to the eggs benedict, the food is incredible. And their Instagram game is pretty on point too!

13. Bentwood, Fitzroy

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This is the latest joint to open in town, and is the most recent brainchild of a man named Julien Moussi (the founder of heaps of popular Melbourne eateries). It's got a super trendy interior that would be totally at home in London, but its Golden Gaytime panna cotta is as Aussie as it gets!

14. Saint James Cafe, Malvern

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What better way to tuck into your morning feast than sitting in the sunshine. The Saint James Cafe is a cute little hipster joint that also has a totally charming courtyard. The hours will fly by without you even noticing!

15. The Left-Handed Chef, South Melbourne

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Why travel to Israel when you can try some of its best food without even leaving Melbourne?! The Left-Handed Chef actually comes from Israel, and he takes pride in making every dish himself. Our kind of guy!

16. Penta, Elsternwick

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If you find yourself in Melbourne's Elsternwick, then Penta is a good shout for all your brunch needs! Everything that comes out of the kitchen will make your mouth water, but we suggest the Nutella waffles! Seriously.

17. Mr Hubbard Cafe, Malvern

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If you want to tuck into this healthy breakfast feast, you better be an early riser. The Mr Hubbard Cafe seats approximately 20 people at one time, so you need to be quick. The early bird catches the worm... or breakfast. Whatever. Just get there fast!

18. Matcha Mylkbar, St Kilda

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It wouldn't be right if we didn't include this vegan-friendly hot spot. Matcha Mylkbar have a mission, which is "to help the Earth survive". That's why their menu is entirely vegan. You can still get a lot of the favourites (eggs, pancakes, even burgers), but they're all vegan alternatives!

19. Rogue District, Brunswick

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This place feels so quintessentially British, you'd be mistaken for thinking you were actually in London. This cafe is actually in a cottage that overlooks nearby Warr Park, and their food is just heavenly.

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