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19 Brunch Spots In Melbourne That Are Better Than Anywhere In London

You'll actually want to eat it all.

"Let's do brunch sometime," is literally one of the most over-used phrases of any Londoner. And boy, do we do we love a good brunch! Then, one day, you find yourself in Melbourne, Australia, and your world literally changes.

There us Londoners were, thinking we were the pioneers of brunch, the culinary kings and queens of the mid-morning feast. WRONG! These places prove that Melbourne really does deserve its reputation as the cultural capital of Australia, at least when it comes to the Londoner's favourite pastime... brunch!

1. Legacy Camberwell, Camberwell

2. Aoki Japanese Kitchen, Glen Waverley

3. Archies All Day, Fitzroy

4. Hash Specialty Coffee, CBD

5. Phat Milk, Travancore

6. Higher Ground, CBD

7. Hobba, Prahran

8. The Hidden Horse Cafe, Richmond

9. Street Talk Espresso, Armadale

10. Friends Of Mine, Richmond

11. Handsome Her, Brunswick

12. St Rose, Essendon

13. Bentwood, Fitzroy

14. Saint James Cafe, Malvern

15. The Left-Handed Chef, South Melbourne

16. Penta, Elsternwick

17. Mr Hubbard Cafe, Malvern

18. Matcha Mylkbar, St Kilda

19. Rogue District, Brunswick

Travel was provided by Tourism Australia. BuzzFeed writers do not guarantee coverage.

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