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Literally Just 29 Wholesome, Hilarious, And Cute Tweets About Books

"At the bar last night, I got guys to buy my book on Amazon instead of buying me drinks."

1. This very pure encounter:

A little girl just ran into the library screaming "Books! BOOKS! BOOOOKS! books! BOOKS!" and honestly my day can't get better than that

2. This really, really good idea:

At the bar last night, I got guys to buy my book on Amazon instead of buying me drinks.

3. This cat who's having an existential crisis:

When you have found a book but have to confront the fact that you do not know how to read

4. This tweet that's true on more than one level:

(english major moving apartments) there’s a lot to unpack here

5. This joke that honestly cracks me up:

does Jaky rowling think she invented wizards they were actualy invented about 40 years ago sorry :(

6. This valid point — where IS Junie B. Jones?

I wonder wtf Junie B Jones up to these days. I need an update on the tea

7. This extremely real situation:

You never really know a person until you set them loose in a large bookstore. What I mean is, you will never GET the chance to know them. They are gone now. The books have claimed them.

8. This hilarious Good Place reference:

Just checked this out from my university's library, someone did it in pencil so I believe it's ethical. @nbcthegoodplace @dubjackharper @IMKristenBell

9. This very important question:

6yo Niece: What do you want to be when you grow up? Me: Oh I'm an author and I write books. 6yo: [giving me skeptical look] Then why don't you live in a bookstore??? Me: i ask myself this too

10. This incredible opening line:

My daughter has started a story and ‘Rebecca’ no longer has the greatest opening lines in literature.

11. This statement that's, well, true:

Harry Potter and that's it that's the book

12. This adorable pre-Goodreads books documentation:

I lost my mother in law last week. She was 96 and one of my best friends. A lifelong lover of books, she kept track of all she read on index cards and recorded her opinion in code. This is the key to her code and the cards we found among her belongings.

13. This YA drag:

YA protagonist: ah, an evil force! Mentor character: *long monologue about the dangers off the supernatural, respecting the balance, actually makes a lot of sense, etc* Mentor: Promise me you will NEVER MEDDLE! YA protagonist: I promise! Mentor: *leaves* YA protagonist:

14. This tweet that really calls me out:

Them: are you buying MORE books?! Me: yes yes yesyes yesyes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesyes yes yes yes yesye yes yes yes yes yesyes

15. This very good point:

16. This throwback "Potter Puppet Pals" reference:

Snape: I shall now seek to penetrate your most secret thoughts *Harry’s thoughts* Ron: 🎶 Ron, Ron, Ron, Ron, Ron Weasley! 🎶 Dumbledore: DUMBLEDORE!

17. This priceless conversation:

It's been an awful, terrible, no good week. But listening to my teenage daughter convince my youngest child last night that J.R.R. Tolkien's real name was 'Jolkien Rolkien Rolkien Tolkien' was absolutely priceless.

18. This classic joke:

nice heights you got there it'd be a shame if someone were to wuther them

19. This very relatable feeling:

if you speak to me when i'm reading i will find a way to break into your home and force you to listen to my feelings on ostriches until you agree never to invade the world i'm visiting again

20. This idea of the perfect spouse:

my ideal partner is thick, has a tough spine, travels with me wherever I go, and might actually be a book.

21. This fair point:

dewey decimal really walked into a library and said lmfaoooooo y’all live like this ?

22. This way of flirting:

23. This reminder to not piss off your librarians:

Taking a page out of someone’s book doesn’t always work. The librarian got pretty pissed at me.

24. This absurdly hilarious idea:

I'll be doing a book signing today at Barnes & Noble from 2pm until they kick me out for writing in random books.

25. This modern take on Romeo and Juliet:

Romeo: check out this cat video Juliet: omg dead 😂 Juliet: hello Juliet: romeo Juliet: i didn't mean literally dead Juliet: romeo

26. This wonderful act of self-love:

God bless Jane Austen for naming the prettiest, kindest, most generous, most patient character in Pride and Prejudice after herself that is self-love and I am on board

27. This angry raven:

When someone talks shit about Edgar Allen Poe

28. This tweet that describes every book nerd at a club:

Me: Do you have the Harry Potter audiobook? DJ: no

29. And, well, this ridiculous visualization:

[sees girl reading The Catcher in the Rye] "Ah I love that book. The way he just [clenches fist] catches all that frickin rye."

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