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Breaking News: White Men Still Don't Believe In Women Rights

Realizing my own white male privilege helped me understand why "women are always so upset".

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1. Yeah.... You are affected by women's issues

Believe it or not the discrimination against women of all colors, shapes, and sizes affects you too. I'll say it again for the guys in the back. Your girlfriends, moms, sisters, and aunts are all taking hits. Did you know your girlfriend is more likely to have a college degree and still make less money than you doing the same job? In the words of one of my teachers "A college degree is the new high-school diploma".

2. Even if your pro-life, planned parenthood helps you too.

Not only does planned parenthood offer services for women, but also men. These services include STI test, information on cancer, couple counseling, and much more. When places like planned parenthood close, its been proven that HIV outbreaks go up in those communities. Clinics provided services to women of all types that go beyond sex (even though these services are extremely important). 1 in every 200 women deal with anorexia. As many as 10% of college women suffer from a clinical or nearly clinical eating disorder. Women health clinics are trying to battle these numbers.

3. The darker the berry, the more terrible the treatment....


It's not just a women's problem. On average Latina women and Black women make just 55 and 60 cents annually to every dollar a white non-Hispanic man makes.

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