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    This '80s Inspired Tinder Is Hilariously Perfect

    Find your match.

    Have you ever thought about what one of the most popular dating apps would look like if it existed in the '80s? Wonder no more.

    SquirrelMonkeyCom / Via

    First of all, you would've signed up through mail.

    SquirrelMonkeyCom / Via

    And then used the Tinder floppy disk to install the software to your computer.

    SquirrelMonkeyCom / Via

    Instead of swiping left, you would've simply hit X to send their profiles into the trash.

    SquirrelMonkeyCom / Via

    Here's what it would've looked like if you were compatible with someone special.

    SquirrelMonkeyCom / Via

    And here's how you'd communicate if you were brave enough to message your ~perfect~ match.

    SquirrelMonkeyCom / Via

    Check out the rest of the '80s Tinder experience below!

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