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    21 Times Mr. Burns Was The Realest Bitch Who Ever Lived

    Are you saying boo or boo-urns?

    1. When he excelled at motivational speeches.

    2. When he didn't forget to thank all the people who helped him on the way to success.

    3. When he couldn't stand the younger generation.

    4. When he was modest AF.

    5. When he was never afraid to channel his favorite movie stars.

    6. When he had an appreciation for art.

    7. When he made himself 100% clear.

    8. When he was a master of disguises.

    9. When he never came to a meeting unprepared.

    10. When he told Lisa the hard truth.

    11. When his style reached new heights.

    12. When he knew how to jazz up the decor in the office.

    13. When he had quality parenting skills.

    14. When he gave the best secret Santa gifts.

    15. When he was the world's best boss.

    16. When his dance moves put everyone else's to shame.

    17. When he showed off all the hard work he put into his killer gym body.

    18. When he was sick and tired of nature.

    19. When he was an A+ entrepreneur.

    20. When he saved the day with his superpowers.

    21. And when he let nothing get in the way of his work.