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15 Things You Can Do To Prevent Awkward, Everyday Disasters

OK, some solutions are more realistic than others — like achieving 50% clean energy by 2030. Learn how you can help make it happen at #50by30

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1. First of all, NEVER wave back at strangers — no matter how much it seems like they’re looking at you.


(They're not.)

2. Ask yourself, “Did they really make smartphone holders for ‘97 sedans?”


Probably not.

3. Also, dance like someone's watching. At all times.


Nowhere is safe. 👀

4. Honestly, just watch your back.


With your eyes, not your phone.

5. Make sure your transportation plans aren't all wet...


Always have an escape route.

6. ...and don't allow anybody to burst your bubble.

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Even your nefarious, no-good scoundrel of a brother.

7. Double-check that your four-legged pillow isn't actually your 6-year-old husky.


At least she didn't fluff it first?

8. Don't play acoustic guitar, like, ever.


Just stop.

9. And if you are in a band, insist on hiring a guitar tech...

Laugh2LiveTV / / Via

Work out the kinks in rehearsal.

10. ...or a professional page turner.

Yle Teema / Via

11. Be honest with yourself about what constitutes a sandwich...


There's no shame in eating two, you know.

12. ...or a knife, for that matter.


A doorstop can only do so many things. Usually one thing.

13. Oh, and never go outside.


Lest everything go down the drain.

14. No, seriously. Just stay home. / Via

When it rains, telecommute.

15. Finally, don't cheat on your diet — even with fat-free, no-sugar-added, low-calorie ice cream.


The universe knows.

Some problems require forward-thinking solutions. See how you can help us achieve 50% clean energy by 2030 by visiting #50by30

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