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11 Dogs That Prove Small Is Powerful

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Chihuahuas are one of the smallest breeds in the world, with a standard weight of only two to six pounds. But, despite being so tiny, they're one of the most popular and influential breeds ever to have existed. They're cute, sassy, and so beloved that they've even been found depicted in ancient wall paintings, sculptures, and vases dating back to BC times.

For such a small dog, schipperkes are shockingly high energy, curious, and athletic. It's like having a giant dog trapped in a small body! They're so amazing that one of them even sailed the world, survived a kidnapping and hurricanes, and stayed loyal to his family the entire time.

Most people know pugs as adorably derpy dogs, but they actually have a remarkable history. The pug is an ancient dog breed, dating back to around 400 BC. Pugs were the pets of Buddhist monasteries in Tibet, and one even saved the life of a prince. Who knew?!

Doge! Shiba Inus were awe inspiring long before they became a meme, partly because they rebounded after a near extinction in the mid-1900s. They're Japan's oldest and smallest dogs, and they also happen to literally live to be some of the oldest, with one Shiba even reaching a ripe old age of 26 years!

Don't let their daintiness fool you — Yorkies were first bred in Yorkshire, England, to catch rats and vermin in clothing factories during the Industrial Revolution! Even though their rat-baiting days are over now, Yorkies are still as overprotective, loving, and caring as ever, which makes them amazing household companions.

Also known as "America's Gentlemen" thanks to their tuxedo-like markings, Boston terriers are some of the best canine companions you could ask for. They're full of personality — some of them even fancy themselves skateboarders — and the perfect addition to any family.

Bichon frises have a history of being sailors' dogs, so it's no surprise that the dogs have an affinity for water, even today. Like Italian greyhounds, bichon frises became popular with European nobility and managed to find their way into high art painted by masters including Goya. (We get it, Goya. We'd paint these dogs too.)

In spite of looking like a cute sausage with stubby legs, dachshunds were once accomplished hunting dogs! Today, they're fun and loyal companions who still retain a love for the outdoors. They're so inspiring that there's even a website devoted to collecting stories of just what makes dachshunds amazing.

These little guys and gals get their name from their huge, flappy ears -- "papillon" means "butterfly" in French! They weigh as little as seven pounds fully grown, but they're full of excitement, energy, and adventure. (Just look at those photos!) They also happened to be Marie Antoinette's favorite dog, so we have full confirmation of just how regal and charismatic they are.

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