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What’s Your Best Tip For Actually Surviving Adulthood?

Being good at life ain't easy. New York Life can help.

Let's face it: Being an adult is kind of the worst.

You're supposed to "have it together" and "know what you're doing." But some days that's not exactly feasible.

That said, we all have at least one area we feel ~pretty good~ about.

Maybe you've figured out a way to get motivated to actually do meal prep and have all of your lunches for the week ready to go (HOW).

Or maybe you've perfected a routine that somehow gets rid of your Sunday-night blues (PLEASE SHARE).

Maybe you're (somehow) totally nailing work/life balance.

Maybe you — gasp — saved enough money for your dream vacation and then actually took said vacation?

Let's spread the knowledge! Tell us your best tip for surviving adulthood — whether it's about food, money, exercise, or anything else. The best responses will be featured in a future BuzzFeed sponsored post!

(Just a heads up — anything you send us is covered by the regular BuzzFeed User Terms.)