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How To Remove Pimple Acne In 5 Hours

today I am going to share with you a very crucial thing this is about at acnes and pimples I know that is the thing with his right now bothering many many people out there and many people are so much sense that they even do not feel like going out this is how my skin was and how magically my skin suddenly turned out to be very normal and what medicine did I used I will be showing right now in the spectacle of article this article is not at all sponsored by anybody or any brand or anyone this is from my personal experience what I face and all the things I will be showing here is not in a mood of promotion or anything short of that it is just my personal experience all the things

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1. How to Get Rid of Acne in 5 Hours

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things I will be showing you I have use on my face now this is the cream this is called acnestar gel start this is a medicated truck this is not a cosmetic this is a medicated product when I was having pimples my doctor recommended using this one I just got that for $60 in Indian currency 60 rupees

2. Acnestar Gel For Pimples


I just took the medicine and I just dropped it on my face and did not massage did or anything short of that before the ring. I just went to my bathroom and just have gone for a face wash I just cleared my skin with a face wash and then just wash it off and then after coming back I just applied the scream on my face I did not massage at all most preferably you can use this medicine before you go to bed or before you go for sleeping or else if you are at home do not keep that medicine on your skin and go out and Son many of the medicated product for skin may cause an allergy or any kind of irritation or burn if you go and son so I do not recommend doing that and this is how I dumb the whole product or applied the whole product on my face and I did not massages at all I'm repeating it right very much that I did not massage I do not massage this thing let it dry on your face the swelling and the information you have on your skin will go just with in 5 hours I just took his sleep off $5 because I was having pain I was having irritation on my face not just on my face I was having that 12 my body in my neck area or in my chest as well then they're after when it just dried up I slept it will take just about 5 or 10 minutes then this is what in the next day morning my skin looks like you can see the whole swelling went off there is nothing pressing you and my skin a proxy can say 98% of my pimples just vanished after using this thing I was amazed by how this particular product worked on my skin I am not sure that it will work that magically on you or not but it worked on me that is how that is what my experience was with at least are so if you are wondering for any cream or any medicated product to use then you can go and get that from any medical store in India in India it will be available for 60 rupees

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