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Top 10 Ways To Turn Your House Into A Home

Moving into a new house is usually really exciting, and for many people, a new house is like a blank canvas onto which you can put your own personal mark through subtle changes and upgrades.

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Home Pros Plymouth

Personalizing a house into a home is extremely fun and will allow you to make a place look and feel your own. We at Home Pros Plymouth sat down with our home improvement and decor experts to find out and share their top 10 ways to turn a house into your home.

Our experts believe that creating a welcoming, cozy and relaxing environment in a home is all about adding personality to a house, only through a few small changes you can transform the look of any house no matter how bare and plain it may look at the beginning. The experts suggest that you start from the outside in, to make sure that the house you will call home is in tip top shape and to ensure that you can all upon the professionals to inspect and examine the condition of the roof, sidings, windows, and door etc. After receiving the green light, you can proceed to put your personal stamp on the place:

1. The warm welcome: The easiest method is to change the door or for those of you with a smaller budget you can always paint the door, there are plenty of colors and finishes available in the market today to pick and choose from.

2. Upgrade window treatments: The same can be done to the windows, our décor experts believe that choosing curtains or blinds that you love is one of the ultimate ways of personalizing a home and set the look of any room. Window treatment should not be an afterthought.

3. Paint a wall… or two: It is not necessary to repaint the entire house, painting a few walls with a statement color of your choice can be the perfect way to give bare walls a much-needed facelift without going all out with fancy wall treatments and finishes.

4. Art for your home: Art and photos are all about personality which is why taking the time to choose art and personal photos should be well thought and should represent the style of the house as well as the people who reside there.

5. Change kitchen treatments: How about new handles for the kitchen cabinets and new faucets, the small changes can have a great impact on the feel of a room that you will use a lot.

6. Bathroom facelift: The small changes such as changing the fittings and fixtures can also be done in the bathroom for a fresh personalized look without breaking the bank.

7. Adding the greens: Plants and fresh flowers add freshness and a life to any room. It is almost a fool proof way of making a house feel like home.

8. Cleaning up the act: Even if the house is new, our experts suggest that you give it a once over with natural cleaning products with fresh clean scents on your choice, a great way to keep things clean and make the place smell more like home than an empty place.

9. Small changes, big impact: This one’s a no-brainer, go or cushions and rugs that further accentuate your style and taste. A fluffy rug in the living room gives off a cozy and inviting feel which most people love.

10. The great outdoors: If you have outdoor space then make the most of it by planning it out and adding a functional yet fun feature which will allow you to enjoy the lovely place you now call your home.

About The Author: Home Pros Plymouth has over 21 years of experience; their exceptionally trained professionals have been transforming homes and businesses in Plymouth, MI, and surrounding cities, and turning first-time customers into lifelong friends. Home Pros Plymouth is a family owned and managed company. They are one of the best roofing contractors in Plymouth Michigan..

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