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Over Diagnosis Of ADHD

How the over diagnosis of ADHD can adversely effect children.

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Over diagnosis of ADHD Many people have been diagnosed with ADHD at a young age and have learned to live with it. Others however haven’t been so lucky. Over diagnosis of ADHD can lead to drug abuse and bodily issues because of this abuse. The main drug given for people that have ADHD is adderall. This drug is known as a gateway drug that can eventually lead to drug abuse if taken improperly. Personally being diagnosed with ADHD as a child and never taking any medication I can say that I feel that i was wrongly diagnosed with ADHD. The diagnosis of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder was given to me bause i was a very active baby/child but then again who isn't?! Children are naturally full of energy and ADHD is now the second highest diseease diagnosed to children next to obesity. Overdiagnosis of ADHD comes from "inadequate evaluation and societal pressure for treatment" as well as a "significant increase in the demands being made on our children, schools, and families."

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