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Obesity In Children And Teens

How childhood obesity is impacting the future of today's generation.

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Many parents or guardians don't know the signs of obesity and how in depth the topic really is. Many people believe that obesity is just about being "fat" but obesity actually deals with genes, lifestyle behaviors, and cultural factors.

What causes obesity?

Obesity takes place when a child, or adult, takes in more calories than the body burns.

"If one parent of a child is obese, there is a 50 percent chance that his or her child will also be obese." However, if both biological parents are obese, their child has an 80 percent chance of being obese as well.

Obesity in children can come from...

poor eating habits

lack of exercise

medical illnesses (endocrine problems)

medications like steroids

tragic life events like death, divorce of parents, or abuse

low self-esteem

depression or other emotional problems

Obesity stems from many things but can also lead to problems if not taken care of like...

increased risk of heart disease

high blood pressure


respiratory issues



hormonal inbalances

Ways to change obesity in children and adolescents include:

healthy eating habits (eating slowly and making a schedule)

make better food selections

portion control

physical activity (something as small as walking)

limit snacking

Often times obesity becomes a lifelong issue. Obese children tend to fall back into their normal routine of unhealthy eating and living so this is why it is critical to instill the importance of healthy living to children at a young age and help them as they grow to make healthy decisions.

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