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The Official Nick Offerman Aging Timeline

It's hard to grasp, but our dear Ron Swanson has not always appeared so...manly. From a Little Leaguer to Diehard Chicago Cubs Fan, Nick Offerman has always embodied the spirit of rivalries. And he's got the right gear. Head over to New Era to start your rivalry.

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Did you know that Nick Offerman was on The West Wing? He was!

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While his wife was working on the Broadway production of Young Frankenstein, Offerman decided to build a canoe. He mentioned that he was an actor when he ordered the plans for the boat, and the company asked him to do create a how-to video while he built it.


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Here's the Ron Swanson we all know and love. Offerman joined the cast of NBC's Parks and Recreation in 2009--and soon, his famous deadpan attitude and illustrious mustache became legendary.