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13 Signs That You Only Live To Share

Here are a couple of ways you can tell if you're living a little too hard in the digital world, and forgetting about living IRL. No bollocks, folks. You know what's really going on here. And if you'd like to live "No Bollocks" on your own feed, pay a visit to the Newcastle Subtexter.

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1. You buy clothes because of the way they look on Instagram.

2. You go to the same restaurant over and over even though it sucks now because that person you are kind of attracted to always likes your check-in. You've never spoken to her.

3. The only reason you visit your friends is to take pictures of their cats.

4. You go to restaurants just for the chance to maybe be photographed and featured on their Facebook page.

5. You own accessories that have spent more time on your Instagram than on your body.

6. You make public Facebook events for things involving less than five people JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS.

7. You order food by ingredients whose colors really pop in the "Earlybird" filter, even if you're not particularly fond of it.

8. Anyone can draw a complete map of your house by taking a look at your Instagram photos.

9. You turn on your "run" app while walking places, just so people will applaud you as you travel.

10. You do consistent weight training with one arm just to keep that self-shot steady.

11. You frequently visit wax museums to make sure your profile pic is always a humble-brag.

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