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15 Sloth GIFs That Explain Your Entire Existence

"Any rhythm is right / Barely move to the music / We can nap all night." —Sloths. Chill out just like them, and #GoSlowMo with New Belgium Brewing's Slow Ride Session IPA.

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1. Whenever you're eating salad:

2. When you treat yourself to a giant burrito instead:

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3. When you get outta the shower on Monday morning:

4. When you're combing your hair every morning:

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5. When someone doesn't like your outfit:

6. When you zoned out during a conversation but realize the person you're talking to is expecting a response:

7. When you hit the gym:

8. When someone asks about your multitasking skills:

9. When the coffee finally kicks in at work:

10. When you want to encourage someone:

11. When you meet up with your S.O.:

12. Whenever your friends have a pet:

13. When you queue up an entire weekend of binge-watching:

14. When your bartender pours you that first cup of the nectar of the gods after a loooong week:

15. When everyone else is moving too fast:

Just because everyone's moving fast doesn’t mean they’re having fun. Make like the majestic sloth, and #GoSlowMo with a six-pack of New Belgium Brewing's Slow Ride Session IPA.

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