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11 People That Zigged When They Should Have Zagged

It's a big world out there, and it'll be nicer to you if you know not to zig when you could be #zagging.

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1. This jaw-dropping display of athletic prowess:

2. This overenthusiastic limbo dancer:

GV Producciones http://S.A.C. /

3. This dream-crushingly bad use of a slide:

4. This ready-for-the-beached body:

5. This dude, who can't handle this improvised door:

6. This launch that went totally sideways:

7. This guy's uncontrollable desire to mow more than his own lawn:

8. This woman falling too fast for her man:

9. This dizzying display of power:

10. This extremely hungry, but not-too-sharp chef:

11. This swing band:

But even if they can't learn from their mistakes, at least you can. Open up a Fat Tire Ale and come #zagging with us.

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