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If You Have Done 10 Out Of These 16 Things You're A Serious Runner

*takes picture of blistered feet and sends round*

1. You've googled "public loos" while researching a new running route.

2. You plan your social calendar around your runs rather than vice versa.

3. You stay away from cobbled streets at all costs...

4. That goes for high heels too.

5. You've started to dread the sight of stairs.

6. You actively monitor the colour of your urine.

7. You have an album of photos of your feet on your phone.

8. You have bathed in ice. Voluntarily.

9. All of your disposable income now goes towards your running kit instead of going out.

10. When you do go out, you order water at the bar.

11. You get stressed when you momentarily cannot find your phone armband...

12. You've started taking note of other people's running styles.

13. You have multiple weather forecasting apps on your phone.

14. You've started thinking about degrees of difficulty for everyday tasks in running distance terms.

15. You regularly have dreams about marathon day.

16. You find it hard to talk about anything else but running.

People think it’s all about the finish line, but it’s the training that is the real experience. Dominate every single mile and conquer your goals this year with New Balance and their My Future Self campaign.

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