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7 Things You'll Recognize If Your BFF Is A Social Smoker

Everyone has that one friend who just wants “one cigarette” at a party.

1. Waiting in the freezing, tundra-esque cold to wait for them to finish their cig.

2. When your friend returns after 10 minutes smelling mysteriously smoky.

3. When the vape pen is being passed around, you lose your friend in a vanilla-flavored cloud.

4. Inevitably your friend introduces you to some guy who won’t stop talking about mods for his vape.

5. Awkwardly searching for something that could work as an ashtray.

6. Late-night trips to buy overpriced cigarettes at the creepy convenience store.

7. You secretly worry about your friend’s health sometimes.

Animation by Kirun Kunju / © BuzzFeed

We know you love your friend, but that one cigarette or vape hit can actually hurt. Learn more about the effects of social smoking from