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11 Times You Almost Die Every Day Without Realizing It

Death is always following us, which is totally chill...

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1. Walking in high heels.

Fox / Via

It's always a good idea to be walking in shoes that are actively trying to make you fall.

2. Driving to work.

Warner Bros. / Via

Cars are speeding death machines that we try to control with our dumb animal brains. What are we even doing?

3. Walking up and down the stairs...

AMC Studios / Via

Stairs are the teeth of the ground, and yet we breeze up and down them every day like it's nothing.

4. ...Heck, even walking up and down escalators.

Cheezburger / Via

Escalators — like stairs, but alive. They should be trusted even less.

5. Ordering food from dubious places.

NBC Universal / Via

Unless you know the place you're ordering from on Seamless is an actual FDA-regulated restaurant, you're going to have a bad time.

6. Using your cell phone.

BuzzFeedYellow / Via

One cool new cell phone feature is that they now explode.

7. Walking across bridges.

YouTube/Plettenberg Bay / Via

Bridges are sideways middle fingers to the ground.

8. Trying to pet every dog you see.

Nat Geo Wild / Via

"N-nice doggy!"

9. Lifting weights.

MTV / Via

How many heavy things can you precariously lift over your head, bro?

10. Merely breathing the air.

Tumblr/Tampire / Via

Sometime around the industrial revolution, we decided to make air poisonous. In hindsight, this was a bad idea.

11. Sinkholes...

YouTube/assumptionla / Via

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