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The 20 Coolest Old School Games At The Pinball Hall Of Fame

Dig up some quarters and find a way here. With over 250 spring loaded machines under one roof, the Pinball Hall of Fame has got to be one of the greatest collection of classic games in the world.

1. Wizard

2. Tron

3. Xenon

4. Space Jam

5. The Ted Nugent Pinball Game

6. Dr. Dude

7. Elton John's Captain Fantastic

8. The X-Files

9. Royal Flush

10. Lost World

11. Star Jet

12. Basketball

13. Peppy the Clown

14. Big Flipper

15. Super Chex

16. Crane

17. Homerun Baseball

18. Ice Cold Beer

19. Paddle Battle

20. QBert's Quest