12 Things You’ll Learn When You Visit The Hoover Dam

On our way out of Las Vegas, we decided to make a detour to see the Hoover Dam, in person - here’s what we learned. Catch fresh posts from our Greetings from Nevada road trip on the official Nevada Feed and on Twitter at #NVRoadTrip, January 10-15.

1. These statues represent the winged figures of the republic:

They were made with over 4 tons of bronze, and their wings stretch 30 feet tall!

Rubbing their toes is good luck!

Hopefully this will payoff at the casinos.

Lots of rubbing has gone down.

You can tell from the nice polish.

2. Between the angels stands a 142-foot flagpole

It’s there to honor those who conceived and constructed the dam.

3. Good advice.

4. Don't look down!

That’s a 726.4 feet drop.

Vertigo, anyone?

5. Herbert Hoover gives the dam its name

Well done, Mr. 31st. President.

6. Here we have the Hoover Dam Bypass

900 feet above the Colorado River and 2,000 feet long.

7. A statue of a dam employee

I think I’ll pass on that job application.

8. Even the urinals look monumental

9. The dam's intake towers are as a high as a 34 story building.

10. Lake Mead is a dam big lake.

There’s enough water in it to put the state of Connecticut 10 feet under.

11. Clearly the coolest gift in the gift shop.

12. The king has left the building.

Catch fresh posts from the Greetings From Nevada road trip on the official Nevada Feed and on Twitter at #NVRoadTrip, January 10-15.

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