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11 Things People With Acne Understand Too Well

Staying in again tonight because acne.

1. You get a lot of unsolicited advice about your skin.

2. You feel intense anxiety talking to new people because you think they're looking at your acne and judging.

3. And it's kinda hard to explain to people when you want to cancel a date or social activity because of acne.

4. It feels like the majority of your pay is spent on dermatologist trips and overpriced skin-care products.

5. Sometimes your self-esteem is so crushingly low you don't even want to get out of bed to go to work.

6. Your crush unexpectedly seeing you on a bad skin day is a real and true fear.

7. You're always finding creative ways to hide your face in photos...

8. ...unless it's a good skin day, then you're taking about 579 selfies to capture the magic.

9. Looking at all those people with perfect skin on social media is a harrowing experience.

10. You often daydream about how heavenly and easy life would be if you didn't struggle with acne.

11. But no matter how awful you feel sometimes, you know deep down that you're still a true beauty and a peach.

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Light Therapy Mask + tea + television. Sounds like a pretty nice night in.