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12 Worst Things Your Other Half Can Do Whilst Watching A Series

"Don't... Just don't do that."

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1. Watching ahead without you.

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2. READING the spoilers online.

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Like, what is wrong with you?

3. Second screening without express permission.

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Sometimes (flashbacks, extra-long title sequences) it's allowed but do not abuse that rule.

4. Making an ill-timed tea round.

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5. Falling asleep during the show.

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Harsh but fair.

6. Telling you their plot conspiracy theories.

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"No, babe, I don't wanna hear your theories about Lucille Austero and the true identity of George Michael's dad. Not again."

7. Asking you a whole bunch of questions while you're just trying to eat your dinner and watch BoJack Horseman.

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"You always have to ruin things, don't you?"

8. Thinking this was a "Netflix and chill" kinda situation.

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"Please put that away, I'm trying to concentrate."

9. Drinking suuuuuuuper loudly.

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"Who taught you how to drink? A horse?"

10. Taking a phone call mid-show.

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"I mean, unless that is literally the Queen there is no way you should be answering that phone."

11. Telling you about their day.

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"Oh," you say. "" You're not listening. Not even a little bit. "Oh...OK, stop now."

12. Asking "Uh, what's going on?"

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"This is not play school. I am not here to hold your hand. Well, I am...sometimes...but usually when we're just walking in the park or whatever. NOT HERE."

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