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21 Times Social Media Totally Got Your Streaming Habit

It's comforting to know that you are not alone.

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1. When it gets that you have your priorities firmly in order.

I have 110 things to do today so I'm watching Orange is the New Black and eating Pop Tarts 🙈

2. When it gets that you have two sides to your personality.

3. When it wants the same things that you do.

Walk into the club like why am I here everything is loud and expensive I could be at home with Netflix.

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4. When it knows how crucial a good babysitter is.

Day 1 of summer holidays. “So many exciting things planned!" Day 2 of summer holidays. “Go and watch Netflix, mummy is drinking gin"

5. When it recognises who your nearest and dearest are.

Is it worrying that Netflix knows me better than my friends and family? #probablyalittle

6. When you take Netflix and chill a bit too far.

Netflix needs a 'make noise at screen' function for when your hands are full of crisps but you want to keep watching.

Courtesy of Netflix / Via

7. When it's there for you during the tough times...

Coming to the end of a Netflix series is as upsetting as breaking up with an ex. Except you'll still want to do them again in 4 months time.

8. sickness and in health.

*coughs* sorry boss, I'm too sick to come in… When will I be better? About 4-6 episodes #Netflix

9. When it agrees with your scientific theory.

*Googles 'how are babies made?'* Answer = Netflix + Chill

Courtesy of Netflix / Via

10. When it prefers your take on song lyrics.

My neck, my back, my Netflix and my snacks.

11. When it gets that everyone has ups and downs in their relationships.

My boyfriend* keeps doing that annoying thing where he asks if I'm listening**. *Netflix **Still watching

12. When it was blown away by your smooth chat-up lines.

Hey girl, are you my wifi password? Because I swear you were in my phone and now you're gone and I really wanna watch Netflix.

Courtesy of Netflix / Via

13. When it totally understands why you hate sunshine.

I love this weather. It’s decadent rain - the sort of persistent rain that permits, facilitates and endorses a Netflix binge with the cat.

14. When it gets how hard it is to figure out an effective revision timetable.

Is 5hrs revision : 2hrs Netflix an acceptable ratio or am I deluding myself?

15. When it's totally gonna use your new "verbs", despite autocorrect's insistence that they don't exist.

Sorry can't life today , I'm netflixing.

Courtesy of Netflix / Via

16. When it understands your relationship status.

Date idea: Netflix and chill. But I'm at my house, you're at yours & you don't talk to me until my show is over.

17. When it gets that you get the priorities in life:

Yes I've been training for the marathon - if by which you mean marathoning Netflix shows back to back.

18. When it agrees with you full-heartedly about life's important things.

Netflix in bed is the best thing in life 👌

Courtesy of Netflix / Via

19. When it gets that you're just not at that stage yet.

I love you, but not 'let's share a Netflix account and have you mess up my recommendations' love you.

20. And the best way to get revenge on an ex is by living well.

The difference between a break up and a bad break up is whether or not I change my Netflix password afterwards.

21. And finally, when it's so happy that you've found your bae.

A one true love in my life remains constant, Netflix 💕

Courtesy of Netflix / Via

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