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15 Cringeworthy Stages Of Any New Relationship

Face-palming moments we can all relate to.

1. Wondering what the hell to write on your online dating profile.

2. Spending half an hour summoning the courage to ask for their phone number, only for them to wander off.

3. Stalking them on all social media before your first meet.

4. The awkward silences on the first date.

5. When the first kiss is every bit as romantic as you'd planned.

6. As is your first intimate encounter.

7. Setting your early alarm on your first morning together so you can look half-decent before they wake up.

8. The first time you see each other naked and sober.

9. When you spend three hours trying to construct the perfect follow-up message and all you end up typing is "Hi" and then instantly regret it.

10. When you meet their friends.

11. When you throw your first shapes at the club, and they suddenly need to leave.

12. When you're out together and you spot your ex.

13. When you're having a quiet chat after a massive Chinese meal, and more than words come out.

14. When you're checking out pics on their phone and realise they still have dating apps.

15. When it's finally time for the "What are we?" conversation.

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