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12 Chat-Up Lines That Are So Crazy AF They Might Just Work

Not that you need any help, you sly dog.

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1. When they’re understandably flummoxed in your presence and you need to relieve them of any awkwardness.

courtesy of Netflix/ via Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

You get how tricky this moment is for them, so empathy is called for.

6. When you know they want a slice of your cake, but they're still on their main.

courtesy of Netflix/ via Orange Is The New Black

If one thing is certain in this world, it's that they will succumb to your subtle charms.

10. Then there are the moments where it couldn't possibly get any better, but you still have an ace to show.

courtesy of Netflix/ via Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Because a staged approach is sometimes the smartest move.

11. The words "to be continued" are nothing to be ashamed of, when fate doesn’t allow.

courtesy of Netflix/ via Arrested Development

For longer-term plans, taking things slowly is often the best course of action.

12. And finally, let them know just how lucky they are, in the most romantic way possible.

courtesy of Netflix/ via Wet Hot American Summer

A thoughtful declaration of love is guaranteed to win hearts – and minds.

Check out what happened when Rose & Rosie tried out these chat-up lines IRL.

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