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12 Chat-Up Lines That Are So Crazy AF They Might Just Work

Not that you need any help, you sly dog.

1. When they’re understandably flummoxed in your presence and you need to relieve them of any awkwardness.

2. When knowing you're going to be seeing a lot more of each other sparks your inner poet.

3. When you spot the other half of your power couple across the bar.

4. When letting them know how you feel is paramount.

5. When it's time to make your move at the office party.

6. When you know they want a slice of your cake, but they're still on their main.

7. When you’re constantly against the clock, and there's no beating round the bush.

8. Life can be miserable, so it’s great to inform people just how lucky they are.

9. Sometimes, in order to avoid sending the wrong signals, a delicate approach is required.

10. Then there are the moments where it couldn't possibly get any better, but you still have an ace to show.

11. The words "to be continued" are nothing to be ashamed of, when fate doesn’t allow.

12. And finally, let them know just how lucky they are, in the most romantic way possible.

Check out what happened when Rose & Rosie tried out these chat-up lines IRL.

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