13 Things You Can Only Say About Your Favorite TV Shows

These things are only PC if you’re talking about TV. If someone overhears you on the street, you’re in a world of trouble. Find all your favorite shows on Netflix.

1. “I think he should just make more meth.”


2. “I really hope that everyone’s dead.”

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

3. “Someone should slap that kid again.”

Helen Sloan / HBO

4. “Yeah, he’s a sociopathic criminal, but he’s HOT.”

Neil P. Mockford / Getty Images

5. “So I guess if they boned, it would be bestiality? Whatever, they should hook-up.”

Futurama TM and © 2013 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

6. “Aw, man! Why can’t life be like prison?”

Orange is The New Black, Netflix / Via pastemagazine.com

7. “Even though sex with her turns him evil, I still hope they end up together.”

UPN / Getty Images

8. “Yeah. Okay. He’s 900 years older than her. But they have CHEMISTRY.”

Adrian Rogers, ©BBC Worldwide

9. “She’s, like, way too hot to be a pot dealer.”

Courtesy of SHOWTIME

10. “I’m going to be so pissed when the kids finally meet their mother.”

© 2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc. / Via cbspressexpress.com

11. “I wish she had stayed paralyzed. I liked her better like that.”

Kwaku Alston / FOX

12. “Lucifer is mad hot.”

Jack Rowand / The CW ©2009 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

13. “I really hope she gets to kill everyone.”

Bob D’Amico / ABC

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