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11 People Who Just Had Their Favorite Shows Spoiled

Readers beware. Catch up on your favorite shows on Netflix before it's too late.

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1. This owl that just got wind about two people it didn't know were Cylons.

2. This cat who read a blog comment about what happens to Dexter's brother.

3. This guy whose sister casually mentioned who the Bus Crash Bomber in Veronica Mars is.

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4. This woman who just found out what the smoke monster on Lost actually is.

5. This Walking Dead fan who just learned that a certain someone was a Walker the whole time.

6. This Breaking Bad-obsessed teenager who just found out which character gets meth-burned to death

7. This cartoon character that just saw a tweet eulogizing a certain patriarch on Game of Thrones.

8. This man who just heard who shot J.R.

9. This puppet that found out what happens to Lori on Walking Dead.

10. This Glee-fan who just learned what happens to Quinn right before Finn and Rachel's wedding.

11. This baby who just found out it was in a snowglobe the WHOLE TIME.