13 People Who Have Only Grown More Awesome With Age

Face it, you’re getting older. Don’t freak out! Things only get better. These folks are living proof. For further proof, watch Derek — a new Netflix original series.

1. This dude who has aged magnificently.

SolidSnakeIfYouKnowWhatIMean / Via imgur.com

2. These two who are just too cute for words.

3. These guys who’ve got moves that refuse to quit.

4. This aged skater who completely demolished your expectations.

5. This golden-aged fellow who hit a sick birdie just now, probably.

6. These two broads who are doing the best roller coaster impression I’ve ever seen.

7. This old bird who could not care less about your opinion.

8. This guy. This guy. This guy’s still got it.

Via Lori Bell

9. This trickster. She got you, didn’t she? Youths.

10. This couple who was just trying to work the camera on the computer and ended up being phenomenal at it.

11. This guy who is out-grooving men fifty years his junior.

12. This old bruiser who’s prepared to fight you on the field of battle at dawn.

13. This woman who is celebrating a century of kicking ass and taking names.

INS / Via rotorama.com

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