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If You Think Your Family Is Dysfunctional, You'll Definitely Recognize These 8 People

Minimizing, denial, lack of boundaries... The whole gang's here!

Let's get one thing straight: Family is no walk in the park.

Just because you look like a unit on the surface...

...doesn't mean you don't have your issues.

And if you've ever felt like yours is less than functional...

...then you've probably got at least one of these people in your family.

1. The Sibling Who's Just Way Too Into Fitness

2. The Uncle Who Basically Replaced Your Dad

3. The Problem Child Who Has Issues With Authority

4. The Sister Who's in Everyone's Business

5. The Mess of a Middle Child

6. The (Dubiously) Innocent Kid

7. The Obsessively Cheerful Mother

8. The Black Sheep

Sound like anyone you know? Discover the super-dysfunctional family of the Umbrella Academy, streaming Feb. 15 on Netflix!

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All images courtesy of Netflix Canada. Additional images by Getty Images.