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13 Times "Big Mouth" Nailed Your Puberty Nightmares

Relive your teenage awkwardness in new episodes of Big Mouth on October 5!

1. When you're trying to figure out the perfect thing to text your crush.

2. When you wake up with more boobs than you had the night before.

3. When you get your 38th random boner of the day...

4. ...and when you're trying really hard to prevent the 39th random boner of the day.

5. When you start having really weird sex dreams that make absolutely no sense.

6. When you're in sex-ed class.

7. When you're trying to figure out what to do with all these weird new urges you're having...

8. ...and how to handle these weird new emotions you're experiencing.

9. When you're discovering the joys of internet porn.

10. When you only have a couple pubes, so you cherish them and protect them with your life if necessary.

11. When you're at a party with your crush and you're scared to make a move...

12. you just keep being your weird, awkward self the whole time.

13. And when you realize that puberty lasts like 5 years and you're just barely getting started.

Images provided courtesy of Netflix

Get ready for more puberty flashbacks in new episodes of Big Mouth on October 5.

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