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2020, As Told By "Big Mouth" GIFs

Finally, some good news in 2020: Big Mouth is back!

1. When you see someone at the grocery store wearing their mask on their chin:

2. When you're single during quarantine:

3. Literally every single time you checked the news this year:

4. When you're so starved for human contact that you'll start a conversation with anyone:

5. When your roommate leaves the house to run some errands:

6. In April, when you realized things weren't going back to normal anytime soon:

7. When you decide to take some time in quarantine to reconnect with old friends:

8. When you see your ex not social distancing on social media:

9. When you used your quarantine to focus on self-improvement and people are starting to notice:

10. When you wear something besides sweatpants for the first time in months:

11. When you decide to use your spare time during quarantine to learn a new skill:

12. When you're just so, so, SO unbelievably bored:

13. And when you find out that Big Mouth is back for Season 4:

Images via Netflix

That's right! Season 4 of the Emmy Award–winning Big Mouth returns Dec. 4, only on Netflix.

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