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15 Things All Too Real For Cereal Fanatics

"Who's taken my bowl?!"

1. This common sight.

2. Not to mention this.

3. Which means it's always good to be able to think on your feet.

4. Or plan ahead.

When there's only one good sized spoon for eating cereal so you hide it for tomorrow morning...

5. I mean, improvisation is the mother of invention, right?

When the guy still hasn't come to fix the sink and you're outta bowls 👌🏼😂

6. OK, too far...

I wanted a big bowl of cereal - but I don't have any really big bowls, so I improvised.

7. The stress of trying to finish your cereal before it gets soggy.

8. Or when you've already poured the cereal, but there's no milk.

9. Although, that feeling when you've got juuuuuussst enough milk left to fill your bowl.

10. People just don't understand...

11. Just look at how delicious this looks.

12. No wonder these stock photo people look so happy.

13. You've probably bored at least three people with the benefits of a fancy dispenser.

14. Years of research has helped you discover that cereal can actually be consumed at absolutely any hour of the day.

15. Yeah... It's definitely everyone else that's wrong.

16. Too real.

Moral of the story: don't touch my cereal

Live the dream. Enjoy cereal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner with Nestlé Cereals!