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14 Reasons Why Cereal Is The Food Of Kings And Queens

This is why people cry over spilt milk.

1. Like a trusted adviser, cereal will always be there to support you in your time of need.

2. In fact, cereal has been a staple of the British monarchy's diet for centuries.

3. See, they couldn't get enough of it.

4. No, but real talk – cereal is legit a gift from the gods.

5. No, really, it is. Cereal is in fact named after the Roman deity Ceres, goddess of agriculture and grain.

6. We have always known the glory and simplicity that is cereal and milk.

7. But its marriage with milk is not where its glorious reign ends.

8. Some say cereal is best enjoyed with the addition of ice cubes.

9. Cereal doesn't mind. Cereal passes no judgement. Cereal just wants you to be happy – and that is the true mark of greatness.

10. But hey, what if you also like to indulge in some fruit at breakfast time?

11. Cereal heard you and is happy to cater to your needs. What benevolence!

12. Bring us a person who doesn't agree to cereal being the most perfect breakfast ever in existence?


14. Long live cereal. Forever may you reign.

Go forth and eat like the royalty you are with Nestlé Cereals!