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10 Things You May Not Know About Las Posadas

How much do you really know about this nine-day celebration?

1. It's thought that Las Posadas can be traced to Augustine priests who wanted to be able to teach the Aztecs about their religion.

2. Nowadays the celebrations take place in family homes, but originally they were held in the church.

3. The last posada, which happens on December 24, ends with a midnight mass.

4. "The Novena" signifies the nine months Mary carried Jesus in her womb.

5. The songs sung at each home form a dialogue between the “Fuera,” sung by the pilgrims, and “Dentro,” sung by those playing the innkeepers.

6. The star-shaped piñata has seven points that are meant to symbolize the seven deadly sins.

7. And rather than being filled with candy, these piñatas are stuffed with peanuts, oranges, and sugar cane.

8. The “piñata” itself represents the temptation of evil, while the act of being blindfolded and hitting it symbolizes overcoming this with blind faith.

9. The treats released from inside the “piñata” are the rewards from heaven, which are shared among guests in packages called "aguinaldos."

10. To stay warm, guests are served ponche, an aromatic fruit punch that includes piloncillo, water, cinnamon, and fruits such as guavas, tejocotes, and oranges.

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