13 Ways To Relive Summer Camp

Because growing up is optional. Stay refreshed all summer long with NESTEA®.

1. Set up a water slide.

Ines Hegedus-Garcia / Via Flickr: 23245739@N02

And don’t be shy to go down any that you find. It’s your summer—relive those summer camp moments however you want.

2. Tie-dye!

Milt Hill / Via Flickr: 71023733@N00

You are never too old to tie-dye everything you own. In fact, your tie-dying will almost certainly make all of your friends jealous.

3. Bring the slide to your own backyard.

David Boyle / Via Flickr: 15513233@N00

That’s the beauty of these slides: they’re made to be impromptu! Throw down one of these bad boys to relive your glory days as the person who always slid off the end of the tarp and into the grass.

4. Pitch a tent. It can even be inside!

Sally / Via instagram.com

It’s less buggy this way.

5. Compete with your friends in a relay race.

Kim Felton / Via instagram.com

Ah, relay races—where the good times and anxiety are aplenty.

6. Have a picnic in your yard.

she_who_dreamsss / Via instagram.com

Nothing makes you more giddy than sparklers, desserts and being barefoot in the grass.

7. Make snow cones.

Michelle Suarez✝ / Via instagram.com

Just shave some ice, pour on the syrupy fruit sweetness and dive in like it’s 109 degrees at summer camp.

8. Find some friends and share a few scary stories.

Chris Pecoraro / Getty Images

Stomp your feet and talk in a deep voice for added effects.

9. Play an intense game of sharks and minnows.

Alli Flory / Via Twitter: @AlliFlory

That’s right buddy, you still got it.

10. Go canoeing!

Joel Bedford / Via Flickr: jalex_photo

Ah, the simple days of canoeing with friends. No one ever paddles fast enough!

11. Have a water balloon fight!

Hannnahgo / Via instagram.com

This never gets old.

12. Have a potato sack race.

Constanza / Via Flickr: 46786430@N00

You will find that potato sack racing is as hard as ever, only now slightly more embarrassing.

13. Get your face painted.

btwndollz / Via instagram.com

This is, you know, *grown up* face paint.

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