13 Unbreakable Rules Of Conga Lines

Conga lines are heaps of fun, but they should be taken seriously. Here’s what you should know before you cut up the dance floor. And in between songs, refresh yourself by enjoying the many flavors of NESTEA®.

1. There must be at least 3 people involved

jamiezuckerman / Via instagram.com

As the saying goes, there has to be a bit of a “crowd.”

So no, this doesn’t count

rysaurus / Via instagram.com

That’s a banana.

2. The first person in the conga line is responsible for maintaining the conga line’s energy

emilio labrador / Via Flickr: 3059349393

He or she is often referred to as “the champion.”

3. You are forbidden from acting like you don’t know how you got into the middle of the conga line

joshuacparker / Via instagram.com

You know exactly how you got there. Stop looking like it’s a surprise that’s painful to you.

4. Conga lines must be led by living things

stinamariexo / Via instagram.com

Traffic cones are for traffic… even if they have faces drawn on them by teenagers.

This also doesn’t count

vivienrocker / Via instagram.com

Those are bears that had no choice in the matter.

5. If a conga occurs naturally, it must be enjoyed for a total of 2 minutes

hellamahony / Via instagram.com

And if you don’t enjoy it, you have to do it until you do.

6. Conga lines are not to double as adult leashes

garryknight / Via Flickr: garryknight

They are not a tool that tour guides have at their disposal. They know that.

7. Bongos are required in some capacity

Bill Selak / Via Flickr: billselak

Two hands must be used, and one hand must be in contact with the bongos at all times.

8. Contrary to popular belief, conga lines are waterproof

They are not machine washable, however.

9. If the conga line’s participants are under 10 years of age, the conga line must be supervised by an adult

annieinmiami / Via instagram.com

Otherwise there could be tears.

10. Conga lines at weddings must be led by the newlyweds

kall_e / Via Flickr: kall_e

Look at that bride. She knows everyone’s doing it wrong.

11. Conga lines do not count towards graduation

jledson / Via instagram.com

The only kind of “credit” you can get from doing a conga line is “credit” that you did it well.

12. Once 3 or more people have asked you to join their conga line, you are obligated to do so

socialtampon / Via instagram.com

Even if they don’t ask nicely. You have a duty.

13. “Hover hands” are categorically forbidden

You don’t even want to know what happens if you “hover hand” in a conga line.

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