14 Tips For Refreshing Salads You Won’t Mind Eating For Dessert

Fruit salads don’t have to be boring! Here are some ways you can turn a bowl of fruit into an exciting dessert. And to stay refreshed all summer long, enjoy some NESTEA®.

1. Add chocolate!

SweetOnVeg / Via Flickr: sweetonveg

Like these delicious cocoa nibs!

2. Add nuts.

Francisco Antunes / Via Flickr: vilavelosa

We think walnuts, almonds, and pecans are the best and should go with apples, kiwis, strawberries, and melon.

3. Make fruit pudding.

SweetOnVeg / Via Flickr: sweetonveg

Yes, fruit pudding. This chocolate pudding is actually made from avocados. Um, yes.

4. Serve inside of another fruit.

Dinner Series / Via Flickr: dinnerseries

Maximum fruit deliciousness!!

5. Pick a theme.

Chelsea Nesvig / Via Flickr: ozmafan

For a mini-vacation, mix mango, pineapple, and coconut with a splash of orange juice and top with a cherry. This is essentially a deconstructed piña coloda.

6. Add fresh herbs.

Kari Sullivan / Via Flickr: ilovemypit

For a seriously refined fruit salad try adding basil or mint with juicy peaches or berries.

7. Serve with a sugar rim.

SweetOnVeg / Via Flickr: sweetonveg

Like the most healthy cocktail you’ve ever had.

8. Add cheese.

Marlon E / Via Flickr: sjsharktank

Yes! Cheese! Go with ricotta or feta with melon, and everyone will be taken away to a Grecian paradise.

9. Add ice cream!!

nikolayyes / Via instagram.com

Well, duh. Fruit + ice cream = success.

10. Put it in a cake.

Cheyenne-Rose / Via Twitter: @chychy_22

Again, this is just obviously amazing. Try sticking to angel food cake to keep your salad super light.

11. Add sugar.

Bob B. Brown / Via Flickr: beleaveme

This is a bold move for a sassy salad.

12. Freeze it.

Karolina Velasquez / Via instagram.com

So. Ridiculously. Refreshing.

13. Add juice.

Rick Lew / Via gettyimages.com

Think about the kind of fruit fusion confusion you’ll experience once you eat orange-infused bananas.

14. Serve in a tart.

Kathryn Cartwright / Via Flickr: kathryninstereo

Don’t you wish everything was served in a tart.

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