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14 Refreshing Ideas For First Dates

Great first dates don't have to happen at fancy restaurants. Here are some sweet and exciting activities that are sure to take some of the pressure off and allow sparks to start flying. And to stay refreshed all summer long, enjoy the many flavors of NESTEA®.

1. Grab breakfast

ballycsong / Via

A nice alternative to dinner is breakfast!

2. Explore a playground

18kaylovee / Via

Virtually everything is built for two!

3. Pick some fruit

Alexandru Magurean / Getty Images

It's great when you have a buddy there to help you get the ripe ones.

4. Go for a tandem bike ride

chrislyons5 / Via

This way, nobody is the only one to fall.

5. Make up new rules for chess

linnea_lyng / Via

No one knows the official ones anyway.

6. Make pizzas from scratch

kortria / Via

Plenty of chances to say "oh, you've got some dough... right there."

7. Hit up all the photo booths in your area

tia_ashton_ / Via

Click here to get the scoop on where they're hiding in your neighborhood.

8. Go to the beach

luciane80 / Via

Swimming is optional, but sand play is not.

9. Search through old treasures at a flea market

ZVNnpGjMsk / Via

If you find something good, you'll probably want help figuring out where it should go in your house ;)

10. Go on a "restaurant crawl"

cooperphotog / Via

Have appetizers at one restaurant, the main course at another establishment, and then dessert somewhere else!

11. Take a train to a different town for a day

sarabera3 / Via

Science says adventure brings people closer together.

12. Do a crossword puzzle on a Sunday in the park

howluckyiam23 / Via

What's more interesting: "where did you grow up?" or "what was the name of Jasmine's tiger in Aladdin again?"

13. Do something aquatic

martina_raye / Via

This includes fishing, canoeing, or sailing! Just be sure there's a lifeguard on duty. (Or better yet: BE the lifeguard!)

14. Identify the constellations / Via Flickr: epsos

If you can both find the Emu in the Sky, it's probably meant to be.