13 Reasons To Give Camping A Chance

Trust us, camping isn’t all bugs and humidity. Nay, it’s an outdoor adventure that you and your friends absolutely need. Give camping a chance and to refresh your senses, enjoy some thirst-quenching NESTEA®.

You’re concerned that camping will turn out like this.

Robs Senser / Via instagram.com

But did you know that camping is actually really fun?

Matthew Hurst / Via Flickr: 22937701@N00

It’s basically the most fun thing you and your friends could ever do.

1. Because where else can you wear a sleeping bag like a mummy??

2. Or tell ghost stories around a crackling fire?

3. Which, by the way, almost always leads to this.

Rains Photography / Getty Images

Also known as sweet, gooey love.

4. Or this!

Brooklynn Whiteside / Via instagram.com

Just look how stoked these kids are!

Haley Gorrell / Via instagram.com

Especially this guy.

Haley Gorrell / Via instagram.com

5. And, just between us, water trampolines. This happens.

Andres Rodriguez / Via Flickr: 73344134@N00

1. You already LOVE swimming. 2. You really, really love trampolines. The only way you can do both is by camping.

6. And let’s not even get started on the waterfalls, because they are plentiful.

Madi Mabry / Via Twitter: @madimabes94

And so much fun.

7. Waterfalls aren’t your thing, though? How about beach camping…

Stephen Simpson / Getty Images

…where you can, you know, read.

8. Or, of course, stretch out in a hammock.

Essentially, a camping requirement.

9. And where you can also sit in this giant beach chair.

Never knew you needed one of these, did you?

(But perhaps, this is more your speed.)

How convenient!

10. So get ready to spend some sweet time with nature.

GuideGunnar - Arctic Norway / Via Flickr: 48746111@N04

11. And play games with your friends.

Andres Rodriguez / Via Flickr: 73344134@N00

12. And relax under a beautiful, starry sky.

13. Because this is the mantra of camping.

Peter Blanchard / Via Flickr: 32800629@N07

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