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Which NERDS Cabinet Member Are You?

Ever wonder which cabinet member you most resemble? We didn't either! You're welcome.

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  1. You have 3 seconds until the world ends. What are your final words?

    Fuck you, Jen
    Just end already
    Stick It is the greatest movie of our generation.
    if you have to change the spelling of gif to jif to get your point across about how you (incorrectly) think it's pronounced then you're doing it wrong and we all know it including you pls stop
    Nothing. I spend 3 seconds trying to think of something clever to say, then die, because wow I don't do well under pressure
    Come for me mama
  2. And a 5, 6, 7...

    Beaters can't count
    lol I don't have rhythm
    Jazz hands!
    *falls over*
  3. Another cabinet member approaches you. How do you greet them?

    "What's up, loser?"
    *screeching* *makes ugliest face possible*
    *Obnoxious noises and faces*
    Fuck you, Jen
    A glare combined with a profane nickname meant only as a term of endearment
    hey (;
    *uses most recent catchphrase*
    I probably don't see them in the hall and instead walk by jamming out to showtunes and then they subtweet me in the GroupMe
  4. Someone caught you lying. How do you get out of it?

    It was Jen
    Own up to it, because I'm a responsible human being.
    Drop a smokescreen and leave
    "Hold on. Let me try another lie."
    Run away. Run away quickly.
    say my mom made me
    How dare you. I've never ever lied in my entire life.
    Never show up to a meeting again
  5. You have to pick one medieval weapon to use to fight the rest of NERDS (no crossbows). What is it?

    If I could wield an axe, that would be sick.
    A MACE
    The plague
    A sword. Specifically, a gladius. With a crossguard because I'm not stupid and I'd like to keep my hands (but not a swept hilt because I'm not a sissy).
    One of those sticks with the spiky balls on the end but the ball is bigger than my head but also smaller than a watermelon
    A sword. A swishy one, like a rapier
    Catapult because it's a GENERIC and INCLUDES TREBUCHETS
  6. What is your bed time?

    12:00 AM
    Some time between 10:30 PM and 2 AM
    10:45 pm, ideally
    On a typical day....4am
    You mean what is my futon time?
    1:00 AM
  7. How neat is that?

    Pretty neat! Heh.
    Not even a little bit neat. Fuck you.
    Wow. Neat.
  8. Favorite line from a NERDS production?

    You spiked the punch? BUT I SPIKED THE PUNCH!
    "Mousetits." "It's pronounced Moose-TEETS."
    Mmmyes, quite.
    (She chill)
    Chet mate motherfuckers
    Where's the dick in this situation????

Which NERDS Cabinet Member Are You?

You got: Emma

Congration, you done it! You're one of the co-presidents of NERDS! You have a passionate love for the theater, your lipstick collection may be a bit too hefty for an average person, and you also mildly enjoy coding! You spend a lot of your time on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and you're a hopeless romantic and a sucker for other people's relationships. Though you may come off as a bit goofy and obnoxious at first, you care deeply about NERDS and will do anything to help it succeed!

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You got: Sarah K.

It could be worse (not much but I mean it could happen). Even though you're one of the co-presidents of NERDS, you're pretty much a train wreck. You do have a wicked sarcastic sense of humor. Although you pretend you've got it all together, everyone knows that's the biggest lie ever. Nevertheless, it seems like you can always make the people you care about laugh which I guess is a good thing. People can usually find you procrastinating homework by binge watching Netflix or bugging people to go somewhere with you. But it's okay. You're pretty chill.

Sarah K.
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You got: Jen

Congrats, you're officially the oldest member of NERDS. You enjoy spending too much time on the Internet, randomly bursting into song, and going to sleep at ridiculously early times (for a college student). People tend to turn to you when they have questions, though God only knows why - it's not like you're particularly wise. Still, you hope you're a helpful person, even if your advice tends to involve cracking jokes at inappropriate moments and too much hugging.

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You got: Kayla

Wow. Neat. You got Kayla. Our resident social media chair. Most of your time is spent either promoting the shit out of NERDS activities or studying for your classes. Food and trash tv shows are your shit. Your indecisiveness does not stop you from being the most active and helpful cabinet member. Wow, so smol!

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You got: Sarah C.

Look at that. You got sarah. Our historian who takes bomb ass photos. The most angry and frozen cabinet member. You love chicken and corn...and that's pretty much it. Oh and cheese curds. When you're not procrastinating on tumblr, obsessing over Marvel or at Quidditch, you're talking bees in German and staying up all night reading and writing scripts. It may appear that you don't have your shit together, and you probably don't, but hey we can always count on you to pull through in the end.

Sarah C.
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You got: Carolyn

Congratulations you got Carolyn which makes you the Alexander Hamilton of this cabinet. Except you're not gonna die in a duel because you're non confrontational as fuck would never get in a fight. You're quiet(at first) and nice and you try your best. You love theater, reading, and dancing without rhythm.

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You got: Asritha

Congrata FUCKING lations. You got Asritha. The recruitment chair. The sarcastic cynical one of the group. Between Ariel and the world's worst mother, you have a flair for the acting of course. Procrastination is you're lifestyle which means you're usually the last person to go to bed, if you even plan on sleeping that night #allnightersftw. You love talking to people and give them a long hug if they need it. You're sweet and kind, but you have that edge to you in case someone crosses you.

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You got: Alex

Yay, you got Alex! You might not know who she is but that's ok. Just like Alex, you love you and you want to be your best friend. When you're not writing a thesis about trash (really), you can be found looking at pictures of drag queens on Instagram or taking a nap on the ground. You also have really cute hair, and one time, Emma bought you a lipstick. You're the social chair of NERDS, because you made a friend once and you can do it again, but you've literally never been to a NERDS meeting.

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