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  • Bacon is Good for Me!

    You never come in between a kid and his bacon. From an episode of Wife Swap, this new mom wants to throw all the junk food away but the little, chubby kid isn’t having it, “I had a very calm day till this…a little bump in the road comes and she be’s sarcastic!”. Like a modern day Eric Cartman.

  • Cat Food Soap for Crazy Cat Ladies

    Now you can bath with the pungent aroma of cat food and guarantee that you will always be in the company of your many cats! (Ed. note: I should buy this for my 9th grade chem teacher who would give an A to anyone who put pics of cats on their lab report covers.)

  • Disturbing Google Search..

    Seriously?? So many unanswered questions. That is the number one searched item when I type “Can I get..” ? Just HOW many girls had to google that? WHY are they fornicating with dogs? When did bestiality become a norm? Ugh, so disturbing.

  • gold-star

    Chatroulette Soulmates!

    I was randomly on Chatroulette 1 day and this is what I encountered. Blue smiley face pillow soulmate for my yellow smiley face pillow. My life is complete now.

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