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13 Reasons Seth Rogen Is Hotter Than Zac Efron

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It's a fact: Zac Efron is one of the hottest studs ever.

But Seth Rogen is even hotter.

First of all, he's a nature lover. That's super hot.

For a big-time Hollywood superstar, he's remarkably grounded.

He's also a hard worker, and there's nothing sexier than a hard-workin' man.

Especially if he's just a big, fuzzy, adorable, hilarious infant.

Sure, Zac has a drool-inducing body...

...but Seth has the brains to tame even the most ripped of abs.

Seth always knows how to make an entrance...

...and an exit.

He's also remarkably photogenic.

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He even looks adorable when he's completely terrified...

...and his opinions on superheroes are very attractive.

At first glance, it seems like this guy... much, much, much hotter than this guy...

...but Seth Rogen is a baller.

Plus, he's just so flippin' dreamy.

So when it comes down to who's sexier, is it even a contest?

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