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This Proves That Pink City Is Foodie City

It was the romantic Valentine's Weekend, we went out to the markets of Jaipur-The Pink City, and the city turned out to be the heaven for foodies like us, we were coming from Delhi to have a fun weekend but the foodie inside us was craving for some adventure.

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Pyaz Kachori in breakfast

Nitesh Sharma

Not too far from Train Station, we went directly to Rawat Mishthan Bhandar, There was so much to eat but something that grabbed our attention was Pyaz Kachori. Pyaz Kachori is a superhero made from 3 elements of earth, Spice, Crunch and Onion-Potato Stuffing. Mouth watering is a smaller word, it's heart melting.

Just after a kilometer, we found an Android runner up, Lassi

Nitesh Sharma

This mustache giving drink, hits the soul and taste buds both at same time, trust me this could be a better break up remedy than anything else, you will fall in love with this drink.

Lunch time is Dal Bati time

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After hanging around in the city for a while, our stomach was ringing for lunch and we found the best place for it, LMB, and this time our menu was well planned, Dal, Bati & Churma.

Good Teavenings!

Nitesh Sharma

We stepped in to a very old tea outlet in Jaipur to have an awesome Masala Tea and Maska Bun, after having so much in stomach i was feeling actually feeling like a king, but am i done? no i need more!

So this was the end of my foodie journey in Jaipur, but as a place of my birth i keep coming to Jaipur and deeply in love with the cultural and historical heritage.

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