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Watch These Guys Change A Diaper For The First Time

The Try Guys go on an adventure in babysitting. Part 2 of The Try Guys Try Motherhood.

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The Try Guys continued their exploration of the joys — and the many, many pains — of childcare when they changed a baby's diaper for the first time. It's the second part of a special five-part series exploring motherhood.

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"Don't forget to wipe his weiner."

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First, they met Baby Kaan.

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He's a pretty happy baby...for now.

For some, things were rocky from the start.

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Eugene had never held a baby before!

Others were cool under pressure.

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"Be quick. And watch out for pee."

But even in a controlled environment, it was hard for these inexperienced guys to hold the baby's legs and grab wipes at the same time.

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Much less at 3am with a blow out.

At one point, things got dangerous.

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"No, no, no, no, no, no, no!"

In the end, they gained a greater appreciate of the true joy that having a child can bring.

Stay tuned for Motherhood: Parts 3-5!

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